Webkinz Trading Cards Series 4 - 10 Box Case (Ganz)

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Product Description

Configuration: 10 boxes per case. 36 packs per box. 4 cards + 1 sticker + 1 code card per pack.

Series 4!

- Each Pack contains 4 Trading Cards + 1 Sticker Card + 1 Feature Code Card that you can enter at the Webkinz Code Shop to unlock all-new, exclusive online prizes.

Chase Cards include
- All Dressed Up STickers (1 in 4 packs)
- WEbkinz Profile (1 in 9 packs)
- Sparkle Stickers (1 in 9 packs)
- Free Webkinz online pet (1 in 36 packs)
- Mystical Panda online pet (1 in 360 packs)
Insert ratios are based on entire run and do not reflect odds for any specific box.

- Can you find the Mystical Panda? This elusive pet is extremely rare and can only be found in Series 4 Trading Card Packs.

- Also look for more amazing stickers, and great Webkinz Profilez foil photo cards! You might even find a code for a free Webkinz online pet!

- Expand your card collection with 90 all-new cards featuring great new pets and incredible items! Series 4 also features a brand new W-Tales store "Join the Club". Collect the whole set to read the complete story!