Beyond Stokers Dracula (Cult Stuff) 10 Set Case

Product Info
Product Description
Configuration: 10 sets per case.

- Only 50 Cases produced!
- Two sketch cards in every set!


This fantastic follow up set to last years sell out is about to be released and it's full of brilliant art. We have cut the production numbers to just 50 cases and to give extra value we are putting two sketch cards in every pack! The art is outstanding and you can see some samples (with more to follow) on the Product Page. Every case will have at least 21 sketch cards (yes the case cards are also sketches) from some of the best illustrators in the business. We waited until the last moment to put up the information on this set as we wanted to make sure we could make the shipping deadline, and we can say now this set is shipping in the next 2 weeks!

Artist List:
Adam Black
Anastasia Catris
Andrew Richmond
Barry Linck
Bianca Thompson
Bonnie Brooks
Brian Typhair
Carolyn Edwards
Chris Duhazé
Chris Thorne
Clinton Yeager
Dan Gorman
Danny Silva
Dave Sharpe
Dave strong
David Carrillo
Debra Quinn
Elisa Chong
Eric Van Elslande
Huy Truong
Israel Arteaga
Jason Westlake
Jesse Hughes
Joe Hogan
Josh Ginter
Josh Werner
Kitty L Dye
Laura Inglis
Liz Chesterman
Luiz Zavala
Marcia Dye
Matthew Zeigler
Michael Munshaw
Patrick Hamill
Paulina Vassileva
Richard Simpson
Robert Hack
Sal Galindo
Scott Fellowes
Scott Rorie
Solly Mohamed
Terry Pavlet