Topps Garbage Pail Kids Brand New Series 3 - 8 Box Case

Product Info
Product Description
Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.

Brand New Series 3 dials up the laughs even further with more content than ever!


170 Cards to Collect!
-(132) Base Cards - 66 A/B names
-(10) Adam Bombing Cards
-(10) Sticker Scene Cards
-(10) Motion Cards
-(8) Bonus Cards - HOBBY ONLY

Parallels Provide Chase for Collectors
- Black Base Parallel (1:2)
- Silver Base Parallel (1:24) - HOBBY ONLY
- Gold Base Parallel (85 per subject)
- Black Adam Bombing Parallel (1:24)
- Silver Adam Bombing Parallel (1:100) - HOBBY ONLY
- Gold Adam Bombing Parallel (85 per subject)

Exciting Rare Hits Add Value
- Sketch Cards
- Artist Autographs
- Printing Plates
- Be A GPK Code Cards (Sweepstakes promo!)

New Inserts Add Another Layer Of Creativity To The Fun Loving Characters
- Adam Bombing (1:4): 10 historical figures such as Genghis Khan going atomic just like Adam Bomb
- Sticker Scenes (1:6): 10 scenes showing Garbage Pail Kids interacting with one another
- Motion Cards (1:12): 10 fan-favorite lenticular cards bring GPK characters to life

New And Compelling Hits
- Sketch Cards: One of a kind artist illustrations from the most popular GPK artists
- Artist Autograph: GPK character cards signed by the artists who created them
- Printing Plates: 700+ printing plates from the base set and inserts

Be a GPK Code Cards: 50 randomly inserted Be a GPK Sweepstakes code cards
5 lucky fans will have a chance to be immortalized as a GPK in the next set!
- Fans who find a sweepstakes card can register on the Garbage Pail Kids Facebook page
- Promotion runs from October 2013 through January 2014
- Winner will be revealed in the GPK Spring 2014 Release