2010 Press Pass Elvis Milestones Blaster 20 Box Lot

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Product Description

Configuration:  20 boxes per Lot. 10 packs + 2 bonus packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

Elvis Milestones commemorates Elvis' 75th birthday with a base set that takes a chronological look at 75 of the most memorable events in his life.  Look for "HISTORIC CUTS" CARDS (Elvis autographs) & SIGNATURE THREADS (1 of 1 autograph + shirt swatch card), ELVIS BAND MEMBER & CO-STAR AUTOGRAPH CARDS - 3 versions (seq #'d to 50, 25, and un-numbered), ELVIS MEMORABILIA (The King's Things - 3 levels to collect & King Size Swatches - #'d to 25) - "Elvis worn" tweed jacket, swim trunks, pajamas & more...combined autograph and memorabilia odds 1:90. PETRUCCIO MINI-MASTERPIECES - hand-painted artistic Elvis-inspired sketch cards; #'d to 25 or less. ELVIS POP-UPS...1:8, UNDER THE LIGHTS...1:6. 75TH BIRTHDAY base set parallel...1:1 packs. DIAMOND base set parallel...seq #'d to 75. Odds are reflective of overall press run and do not guarantee number of insert cards per pack, box, or case.

Look For:
- "Elvis-Worn" Memorabilia Cards
- Elvis "Cut Signature" Cards
- Co-Star & Band Member Autograph Cards