2006 Bowman Chrome Baseball Retail Box

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Configuration: 24 packs per box. 3 cards per pack. Packs pre-priced at $2.99

2006 Bowman Chrome Baseball picks up where 2006 Bowman Baseball left off, this time with over 110 TOPPS EXCLUSIVE Minor League Prospects appearing for the first time in Bowman Chrome!


Approximate odds -

Refractor Parallel 1:6
seq #'d x-fractor parallel 1:44
seq #'d blue refractor parallel 1:73
seq #'d gold refractor parallel 1:247
seq #'d orange refractor parallel 1:182
seq #'d red refractor parallel 1:908
seq #'d prospect refractor 1:81
kenji johjima autograph rc variation 1:6617
kenji johjima autograph rc variation refractor 1:12432
kenji johjima autograph rc variation x-fractor 1:28500
kenji johjima autograph rc blue refractor 1:61760
kenji johjima autograph rc variation gold refractor 1:52937
kenji johjima autograph rc variation orange refractor 1:62607
autograph rookie prospect 1:65
seq #'d autograph rookie/prospect refractor 1:200
seq #'d autograph rookie/prospect x-fractor 1:478
seq #'d autograph rookie/prospect blue refractor 1:890
seq #'d autograph rookie/prospect gold refractor 1:1910
seq #'d autograph rookie/prospect orange refractor 1:3820
seq #'d autograph rookie/prospect red refractor 1:19500

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