2004 Bowman's Best Baseball Hobby Box

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Breakdown: 10 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

HOBBY EXCLUSIVE First-Year Relic Cards, plus Autographed and Relic First-Year Player Cards in the base set! With one Autographed First-Year Player Card in every pack and one First-Year Relic Card in every box, the box scores show these are the cards - and players - to watch!

Key rookies: Conor Jackson, Dioner Navarro, Felix Hernandez, Joey Gathright, Kyle Sleeth, Lastings Milledge, Merkin Valdez, Shingo Takatsu, Yadier Molina, and Zach Duke.

Highlights Include:
NEW! Autographed Printing Plates of First-Year Players!
Randomly Inserted Dual and Triple First-Year Player Autographed Cards!

Base Cards - 124 SUBJECTS
First-Year Player Signatures - 69 great new players are signing on to the big leagues, and signing cards in blue. Cards feature a Certified Autograph logo. 1 PER PACK!

First-Year Player Relics - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE BOX LOADER!
These 5 players get in the swing with cards featuring pieces of their game-used bats or game-worn jerseys.

First-Year Players - 15 young players take it all in.

Veterans - 35 pros with know-how share their experience with new players.

Every Insert Card Is Autographed!
Double Play - It's two down on these cards! Two First-Year Players sign cards together. HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!
Triple Play - An amazing sight! Three First-Year Players appear alongside their signatures. HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!

Printing Plates - NEW! - 4 cards per player! This is where they got their start! It's the autographed printing plates used to create the cards of 69 First-Year Players. - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!

Best Green Parallel Cards
Best Green First-Year Signatures - The autographs of 69 First-Year Players appear on green-tinted cards with signatures in green ink. - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!

Best Green First-Year Cuts - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE BOX LOADER! - Swing green! 5 First-Year Players appear with their bat pieces on cards with a green tint.

Best Green - The 50 Veterans and First-Year Players from the base set get the go-ahead on cards with a green tint.
Sequentially numbered* to 100.

Best Red First-Year Signatures - 69 First-Year Players use red ink to sign cards with a red tint. - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!

Best Red First-Year Cuts - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE BOX LOADER! - Bat relic pieces from 5 First-Year Players appear here on cards with a red tint.

Best Red - All pros from the base set are prepped to play on cards with a red tint. -Sequentially numbered* to 20.

Random Autographed Boxes
It's a First-Year Player offer not to pass up! 100 Hobby Boxes are hiding an Autographed First-Year card variation of Star Prospect Tim Stauffer. It's an added element of surprise with every box purchase! - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!