2004 Just Rookies Memorabilia Baseball Hobby Box

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Wow! Featuring one autographed mini-bat in every box !

Contents per box Include:

1 Random
Autographed Mini-Bat
4 Random Just Rookies '04 Autograph Cards
1 Random Just Rookies '04 Gold Parallel Card

Autographed Mini-Bats randomly consist of the following players:
(This list is subject to change - black bats listed below are serial-numbered to 50!):

Josh Barfield (natural & black)
Hank Blalock (natural & black)
Tony Blanco (natural & black)
Bert Blyleven (black)
Miguel Cabrera (natural & black)
Carl Crawford (black)
Gavin Floyd (natural & black)
Choo Freeman (natural & black)
Jeff Francoeur (natural & black)
Rafael Furcal (black)
Marcus Giles (black)
Anthony Gwynn (natural & black)
Chipper Jones (black)
David Kelton (natural & black)
Victor Martinez (natural & black)
Joe Mauer (natural & black)
Dallas McPherson (natural & black)
Brett Myers (natural & black)
Laynce Nix (natural & black)
Roy Oswalt (natural & black)
Lyle Overbay (natural & black)
Jake Peavy (black)
Carlos Pena (natural & black)
Brandon Phillips (natural & black)
Jon Rauch (natural & black)
Hanley Ramirez (natural)
Jose Reyes (natural & black)
Gary Sheffield (black)
Grady Sizemore (natural & black)
Dennis Tankersley (natural & black)
Mark Teixeira (natural & black)
Chad Tracy (natural & black)
Adam Wainwright (natural & black)
Dontrelle Willis (natural & black)

Autograph Cards include the following players:

Adam Harben, Jon Lester, Jeff Marquez, Dustin Pedroia, Anibal Sanchez, Huston Street, Jason Vargas, Marcos Vechionacci, and Brandon Yarbrough.