2013 Topps Series 1 Baseball Hanger Pack Box

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Product Description

Configuration: 8 packs per box. 72 cards per pack.

Each box contains 72 cards
–63 Base Cards
–1 Chasing History
–4 Chasing History Gold Foil
–1 Code Card
–1 Topps 1972 Mini Card
–1 Chasing the Dream
–1 Emerald Foil Parallel
The chase for the pennant, the chase for records, the chase for history. Card-collecting is also about the chase – for the Rookie card, for the autograph, for the white whale. 2013 Topps Baseball Series 1 celebrates The Chase in all its glory, with cards recognizing great players' chases both past and present, contests centered around the pennant chase and others, and some of the most amazing chase cards ever to be found in a card product.

-330 cards featuring Veterans, Rookies, League Leaders, Cy Young Award Winners, League MVPs, Rookies of the Year, Record Chasers, and World Series ® Highlights.

-GOLD Parallel : Sequentially numbered to 2013

-PINK Parallel : Sequentially numbered to 50
-PLATINUM Parallel : Numbered 1/1
-DESERT CAMO FOIL PARALLEL : Sequentially numbered to 99

-Calling Cards Autographs: 5 subjects. Sequentially numbered to 10
-1972 Tops Minis Autographs: 10 subjects sign on-card autographs. Sequentially numbered to 10
-World SERIES ChampionSTM Autographs: Featuring 5 members of the 2012 World Series Champions TM with an autograph. Sequentially numbered to 50
-Chasing History Autographs: Over 30 subjects
-Chasing History Cut Signatures: Cards featuring cut signatures from stars of the world of Baseball and beyond. Numbered 1/1
-Chasing the Dream Autographs: Over 20 subjects
-Cut to the Chase Autographs: 5 subjects. Sequentially numbered to 10

-Chasing History Relics: Over 40 subjects
-Chasing the Dream Relics: Over 20 subjects
-Cut to the Chase Relics: 10 subjects. Sequentially numbered to 25
-Calling Cards Relics: 25 subjects. Sequentially numbered to 25
-1972 Tops Minis Relics: 15 subjects. Sequentially numbered to 25
-World SERIES Champions Relics: 15 subjects. Sequentially numbered to 100

COMMEMORATIVE PATCHES: Manufactured commemorative team patches matched up with a star player. RETAIL VALUE BOXES ONLY

ROOKIE CARD PATCHES: Patches of Topps most famous rookie cards.

-The Ultimate Chase, 30 of what are sure to be some of the most sought-after cards of the year!
--These individually designed and constructed cards will feature 30 of the biggest active and retired stars, with an autograph and a unique relic or a cut signature and a unique relic.

-Chasing History: 50 cards featuring active and retired players who are chasing or have chased history.
-Gold foil parallel RETAIL HANGER BOXES ONLY
-Silver foil parallel RETAIL VALUE PACKS ONLY
-Chasing the Dream: 25 cards featuring young players chasing their dream of becoming MLB superstars.
-Cut to the Chase: 25 stunning die-cut chrome cards.
-Calling Cards: 15 cards featuring players and the routines they are known for.
-1972 Tops Minis: 50 mini cards featuring the 1972 Topps design.