2006 Topps Football Hobby Box

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Hobby Breakdown: 36 packs per box. 12 cards per pack.

2006 is shaping up to be the year of the Rookie, with this year's draft packed with some of the most promising Rookies of all time, and 2006 TOPPS FOOTBALL is giving them all the attention and prominence they deserve. The base set will feature 75 ROOKIES appearing for the first time in a Topps set in their new NFL uniforms. 2006 also introduces NEW Special Edition Rookies, a Parallel set of every Rookie Base card featuring a new "Special Edition" logo. And this year's exciting Rookie class is celebrated alongside another outstanding crop of Rookies - the Class of '83 - in the NFL 8306 program, featuring Inserts, Relics, Autographs, and Dual Autographs.

But the NFL isn't only about Rookies, and neither is 2006 TOPPS FOOTBALL, which also celebrates the all-time greats with a series of Topps Exclusive HALL OF FAME CARDS, including Autographed cards from this year's class as well as Cut-Signature cards from 3 members of the inaugural Class of 1963 - Jim Thorpe, Bronko Nagurski, and Sammy Baugh! And as always, 2006 TOPPS FOOTBALL features Topps Exclusive SUPER BOWL XL AND PRO BOWL RELICS.

Rookies...Hall of Famers...the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl...2006 TOPPS FOOTBALL captures the NFL in all its glory - past, present, and future!


Base cards - 12 per pack (HTA Jumbo 35 per pack)

* Veterans(278)
* Rookies(75)
* League Leaders(9)
* All-Pro(20)
* Postseason Highlights(3)

Special Edition Rookies - 3 per box (HTA Jumbo 1:10 packs)

* NEW! Special Edition Rookies(75) - Featuring a Special Edition logo

Parallel Cards - 4 per box (HTA Jumbo 1:4 packs)

* Platinum Parallel(385) - Each is a 1 of 1
* Hobby Exclusive Black Parallel(385) - Sequentially numbered to 51
* Gold Parallel(385) - Sequentially numbered

Autographed Cards - Inserted 1:225 packs (HTA Jumbo 1:50 packs)

* 2006 Signature Series(25) - Sequentially numbered
* NEW! NFL 8306 Autographs(10) - Sequentially numbered to 50
* NEW! NFL 8306 Dual Autographs(10 subjects/5 cards) - Sequentially numbered to 25
* Hobby Exclusive Ring of Honor Autographs(1)
* Topps Autographs(20)

NFL Rookie Premiere Autographs - HTA Jumbo Exclusive

* NFL Rookie Premiere Autographs(35)
* NFL Rookie Premiere Dual Autographs(10 subjects/5 cards)
* NFL Rookie Premiere Quad Autographs(20 subjects/5 cards)
* NFL Rookie Premiere Red Autographs(35)

Topps Exclusive Hall of Fame Cards - Topps Exclusive

* Hobby Exclusive Hall of Fame Tribute Cut-Sigs(30) - Sequentially numbered
* Topps Exclusive Hall of Fame Autographs(5)
* Hall of Fame Tribute Inserts(9)

HTA Jumbo Exclusive 1 of 1 Printing Plates(385 subs/4 plates per) - Each is a 1 of 1

Insert Cards - Inserted 1:4 packs (HTA Jumbo 1:2 packs)

* NEW! NFL 8306(10)
* Own the Game(30)
* Hobby Exclusive Hobby Masters(10)
* Ring of Honor(1) - Topps Exclusive

Relic Cards - Inserted 1:200 packs(HTA Jumbo 1:20 packs)

* NEW! NFL 8306 Relics(10)
* All-Pro Relics(20) - Topps Exclusive

Topps Exclusive Super Bowl Relics - Topps Exclusive

* Super Tix Relics(10)
* Super Tix Autographed Relics(1)
* Game Breakers(6)
* Super Bowl XL Autographed Game-Used Football Relics(1) - Sequentially numbered

Combined Insertion Rate For Autographed/Relic Cards - Inserted 1:108 packs(HTA Jumbo 1:12 packs)

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