2001 Fleer Ultra Football Hobby Box

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Breakdown: 24 packs. 10 cards per pack.

Look for possible rookies such as Deuce McAllister, Drew Brees, LaDainian Tomlinson, Santana Moss, and Michael Vick.

250 Gold Medallion Veterans (numbered to 250)
50 Gold Medallion Rookies (numbered to 100)
250 Platinum Medallion Veterns (numbered to 50)
50 Platinum Medallion Rookies (numbered to 25)
Quick Strike (1:22 packs)
Quick Strike Gold Medallions (numbered to 250)
Quick Strike Platinum Meadallions (numbered to 50
Two Minute Thrill Gold Medallions (numbered to 250)
Two Minute Thrill Platinum Medallions (numbered to 50)
Ground Command (1:22 packs)
Ground Command Gold Medallions (numbered to 250)
Ground Command Platinum Medallions (numbered to 50)
Head of the class (1:22 packs)
Head of the Class Player-Worn Jersey card Parallel (numbered to 100)
Great College Review (1:22 packs)
Great College Review Auto (1:61 packs)
Sunday's Best Game-Worn Jersey cards (1:63 packs)
Ball Hawks Game-Used Football cards (1:144 packs)