2006 Playoff NFL Playoffs Football Bonus Pack - 10 Pack Lot

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Configuration: 10 packs per lot. 12 cards per pack.

Each Bonus pack contains 10 Rookie Cards + 1 Rookie Material + 1 Rookie Parallel.

VERY TOUGH TO FIND. EVERY Pack will contain a ROOKIE card of R.Bush, V.Young, M.Drew, M.Leinart, L.Maroney, V.Davis, D.Williams, L.Washington, J.Addai, S.Holmes. The Breakup value is TREMENDOUS!

Blue Base parallels #'d out of 600,Gold #'d out of 300, Green #'d out of 125 and BLACK 1 of 1's.

Blue Materials #'d out of 500, Gold #'d out of 250, Green #'d out of 50 and BLACK 1 of 1's.

Material cards can also come in MULTIPLE Colored SWATCHES !