2017 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Hobby 8 Box Case


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Product Description
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Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 20 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

- 2017 Goodwin Champions is a set collector's dream with 150 base set cards highlighted by athletes and personalities from a wide array of interests.
- The land of OZ takes center stage in 2017 with Goodwin Masterpieces hand-painted booklet cards.
 - 21 unique cards limited to 10 copies per card, these case hits represent a true challenge for advanced set builders to pursue.
- Look for The Wonderful Wizard Of OZ Illustration Relics with authentic book embedded within the card.
- NEW! Find 3-D lenticular cards "Wonders of The Universe" Falling at a rate of 1:32 packs.
 - Feauturing 42 unique renderings of deep outer space landscapes and phenomenon.
- NEW! - Canine Companions embroidered patch cards begin a new three-year run of mans best friend.
 - Featuring Sporting, Working, Hearding, Hound & Toy Dogs.
- Museum Collection Relics focused on the global war that was World War II.
 - Take a look back at arguably the defining event of the 20th Century, featuring an array of autographs from living veterans as well as mind blowing relics.
- ALL NEW! - World Traveler Map Relics Feature map relics of the most beautiful destinations Around The Globe.
- NEW! - Ancient Currencies feature Rare Ancient Coins From The Roman and Ottoman Empire, Ancient Greek Coins & Pirate Treasure Coins,
- Sport Royalty Autographs are huge hits featuring the finest athletes in the world.
- Look for Premium Series Memorabilia cards from Goodwin, Goudey and Goudey Sports Royalty.

- 10 Black & White SPs or Goudy Cards
- 7 Mini Cards
- 3 Hits From The Following
 - Autographs, Relics, Manufactured Patches or 3-D Linticulars


Hard-Signed Autographed Cards:
- Goodwin Autographs - Inserted 1:67
- Goodwin Inscribed Autographs - Varied Hand #ing
- Goodwin Black & White Autographs - Inserted 1:1440
- Goudy Autographs - Inserted 1:640
- Goudy Sports Royalty Autographs - Inserted 1:3200
- Museum Coolection World War II Signatures 1:244

Memorabilia and Relic Cards:
- Goodwin Memorabilia - Inserted 1:36
- Goodwin Memorabilia Premium Series - Varied #ing
- Goodwin Menorabilia Dual Swatch - Inserted 1:240
- Goodwin Menorabilia Dual Swatch Premium Series - Varied #ing
- Goodwin Black & White Memorabilia - Inserted 1:375
- Goodwin Black & White Memorabilia Premium Series - Varied #ing
- Goudy memorabilia - Inserted 1:150
- Goudy memorabilia Premium Series - Varied #ing
- Goudy Sports Royaty Memorabilia - Inserted 1:1600
- Goudy Sports Royaty Memorabilia Premium Series - Varied #ing
- Goudy Sports Royaty Memorabilia Dual Swatch - Inserted 1:3200
- Goudy Sports Royaty Memorabilia Dual Swatch Premium Series - Varied #ing
- Goodwin Cut Signatures - #'d 1-of-1
- World Traveler Map Relics - Inserted 1:53
- National Parks Vintage Map Relics Yosemite - #'d to 90
- National Parks Vintage Map Relics Yellowstone - #'d to 72
- National Parks Vintage Map Relics Smoky Mountains - #'d to 34
- National Parks Vintage Map Relics Rocky Mountatins - #'d to 15
- Museum Colletion World War II Relics - Inserted 1:240
- Museum Collection World War II Global Impact Booklet Relics - Inserted 1:974
- Museum Collection Legacy Booklets - Inserted 1:3247
- Museum Collection World War II Jumbo Relics - Inserted 1:974
- The Wounderful Wizard of Oz Illistration Relics - Inserted 1:1618
- Goodwin Masterpieces The Wounderful Wizard of Oz Booklets - Hand #'d to 10
- Canine Companions Sporting - Inserted 1:90
- Canine Companions Working - Inserted 1:271
- Canine Companions Hearding - Inserted 1:451
- Canine Companions Hounds - Inserted 1:752
- Canine Companions Toy- Inserted 1:1353
- Ancient Currencie Relics - Inserted 1:1082

Inserts and Parallel Cards:
o 3-D Wounders of The Universe - Inserted 1:32
o Minis - Inserted 1:4
o Canvas Minis - 99 copies
o Cloth Lady Luck Minis - #'d to 25
o Black Metal Magician Minis - #'d to 17
o Wood Lumberjack Minis - #'d to 8
o Gold Presidential Minis - Hand #'d 1-of-1
o Goudey - Inserted 1:8
o Goudey Animals - Inserted 1:13
o Goudey Presidents - Inserted 1:22

Base Set:
- Regular Cards - 100 cards
- Regular Cards Black & White Short Prints - 50 cards

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