2007 Sport Kings Series A Box

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Configuration: 1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack.

Sport Kings LP is pleased to announce one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. After 73 years, collectors everywhere will applaud the return of the legendary and revered brand!

Sport Kings Series A retains many of the traditional features of the original Sport Kings but will also bring the brand into the 21st Century featuring state-of-the-art Autograph and Memorabilia Cards.

Each pack contains 1 autograph card, 2 other inserts (autographed or memorabilia cards), and 3 base cards (regular size) and 1 parallel base card (vintage 1933 Sport Kings size).

The 48 base set is comprised of all time greats and the autograph list is made up of athletes whose autographs are highly prized and more importantly, all autographs are hard signed.

Only 4500 packs are being produced! Extremely limited production!

SCHEDULED SIGNERS INCLUDE(Checklist subject to change up until release date):
* Bill Russell
* Evil Knievel
* Eric Heiden
* Greg Louganis
* Hulk Hogan
* Lou Ferrigno
* Mario Andretti
* Larry Holmes
* Mia Hamm
* Magic Johnson
* John Wooden
* Mario Lemieux
* Mark Spitz
* Phil Hellmuth
* Nolan Ryan
* Sugar Ray Leonard
* Quinton Jackson
* Reggie Bush