Star Trek: Beyond Movie Trading Cards 12 Box Case


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Product Description
Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.


2 Autograph Cards in Every Box!
Signers from all 3 modern Star Trek movies, including
- Chris Pine (Captain Kirk)
- Zachary Quinto (Spock)
- Zoe Saldana (Uhura)
- Karl Urban (Bones)
- Simon Pegg (Scotty)
- Sofia Boutella (Jaylah)
- Alice Eve (Carol Marcus)
- Ben Cross (Sarek)
- Bruce Greenwood (Captain Pike)
- Peter Weller (Admiral Marcus) and more!

Look for autograph/relic cards of Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Alice Eve and Sofia Boutella, and "Classic" movie-style autograph cards, too!

1 Relic or Pin Card in Every Box!
Screen-Worn Costume cards include materials from
- Captain Kirk
- Spock
- Uhura
- Scotty
- Chekov
- Krall
- Jaylah
and more.

Single relics, dual relics, dual character relics and prop relic! Plus Starfleet uniform badge/pin cards of the entire Enterprise bridge crew!

1 Metal Card in Every Box!

Set Composition:
- 72-Card Base Set
-72-Card Numbered Metal Base Parallel Set
- 9-Card Quotable Star Trek Set
- 9-Card Metal Character Poster Set
- 9-Card Uniform Patch Set
- 10-Card Uniform Pin Set
- 9-Card Anton Yelchin/Chekov In Memoriam Set
- 6-Card Leonard Nimoy/Spock In Memoriam Expansion Set
- Randomly inserted Sketch Cards

Incentive Levels:

6-Case Incentive:
Autograph Relic Card Signed by Zoe Saldana (Uhura)!

9-Case Incentive:
Autograph Relic Card Signed by Chris Pine (Kirk)!

18-Case Incentive:
STAR TREK BEYOND Trading Cards Archive Box, including Exclusive Seven-Piece Bridge Crew Relic Card, Exclusive Justin Lin (Movie Director) autograph card, Exclusive Chekov Command Badge/Pin Card variation (U6a) and Exclusive set of 4 color printing plates used to make the front of one base set card!