Topps Indiana Jones Heritage Hobby 8 Box Case

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Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 5 cards + gum per pack.

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Tons of added Content and Topps is Sold Out!
JUST ADDED SIGNATURES of Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, and producer George Lucas

The Perfect Appetizer before the New Movie Hits Theaters in May

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the first Indiana Jones film in nearly 20 years, will premiere this upcoming Memorial Day weekend.
The buzz is already beginning and the excitement couldn't be more intense as Harrison Ford returns to don the famous fedora.
Ford teams up once again with director Steven Spielberg and producer George Lucas - a powerful combination sure to create box office magic!

Paramount and Lucasfilm are pulling out all the stops for this major entertainment event:
- Massive TV ad support
- Top-tier promotional partners: Burger King, Kellogg's, Dr. Pepper, Masterfoods (Indy-branded M&Ms and Snickers)
- Expansive toy and game merchandise from Hasbro and Lego
- Dedicated website with exclusive video and featurettes
- The three original Indiana Jones films will be re-released on DVD in May

Just in time for all the hype for the new film to kick in, Topps is releasing a set of trading cards in February to satisfy the hunger of fans for official Indiana Jones merchandise. The Topps cards will one of just a select few Indy branded products available at this early date. INDIANA JONES HERITAGE delivers the adventure and fun of the original three movies (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade) all in one mega card set - for the first time ever!

90 retro-cool cards is printed on vintage grey back stock featuring card designs inspired by the original Topps Indiana Jones sets from the 80s!
Bubble gum in every pack (just like when you were a kid)!
Rare Parallels sequentially-numbered 1-500! (Insert Rate TBD)
Artist Sketch Cards (Insert rate TBD)
Authentic Autographs from the original cast including Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood), John Rhys-Davies (Sallah), Jonathan Ke Quan (Short Round) - and many more!* (Insert Rate TBD)

INDIANA JONES HERITAGE is a Hobby/Specialty Exclusive and will not be offered to the mass-market. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! ORDER TODAY!

*Although these actors have agreed to sign, Topps cannot guarantee that the autographs will be received in time for inclusion in the product.

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