Star Trek The Original Series 40th Anniv. Series 2 - 12 Box Case

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Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.

3 Autograph Cards Per Box (A Star Trek first!)

- William Shatner (Capt. Kirk as Romulan Imposter in "The Enterprise Incident"),
- Lisabeth Shatner (Onlie Girl in "Miri"),
- Venita Wolf (Yeo. Ross in "The Squire of Gothos"),
- Joanne Linville (Romulan Cmdr. in "The Enterprise Incident"),
- Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel and Ship's Computer Voice),
- Grace Lee Whitney (Yeo. Rand),
- Lou Antonio (Lokai in "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"),
- BarBara Luna (Marlena Moreau in "Mirror, Mirror"),
- Craig Huxley (Tommy in "And The Children Shall Lead"),
- Richard Evans (Isak in "Patterns of Force"),
- Yvonne Craig (Marta in "Whom Gods Destroy"),
- Andrea Dromm (Yeoman Smith in "Where No Man Has Gone Before")
- Biff Elliot (Schmitter in "The Devil in the Dark"),
- Irene Kelly (Sirah in "The Omega Glory"),
- And many more first-time Star Trek autograph card signers!

110-Card Base Set
Each card will feature an epic moment from the second season of Star Trek, in a throwback card format.

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