Yugioh The Dark Emperor Structure Deck 12 Box Case

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Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 8 decks per box. 40 cards per deck.


"Caius the Shadow Monarch" makes a mighty arrival with the all new Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Deck, The Dark Emperor!

Introducing brand new cards and some highly desirable reprints, the all new Structure Deck allows players to banish opponent's cards to another dimension!
This 40-card Deck is built around "Caius the Shadow Monarch", a Dark Monster that may be one of the most powerful Monsters found on a Structure Deck yet!
Combine The Dark Emperor with your Dark army from the Phantom Darkness booster set and you're on your way to victory!
Enjoyable for the intermediate player and containing strong cards for the tournament-level player, The Dark Emperor also comes with a rulebook, an exclusive playmat and a Deckbuilding Strategy Guide that explains some of the explosive combos and some relevant cards from recently-released product to help build an even stronger deck.

- Command the Dark Emperor, "Caius the Shadow Monarch" - the newest and greatest of the tournament winning Monarch monsters.
- You can master the tactics of the Different Dimension monsters, including the rare "D.D. Warrior".
- Combine "Caius the Shadow Monarch" with cards from Phantom Darkness to create the ultimate DARK monster army.
- Banish your opponent's cards from the game with this ready-to-play 40 card Deck. A great introduction to a powerful strategy with a guide on how to add new cards to your Deck to make it stronger

- 40 cards per deck
- 1 Brand new ULTRA RARE Card
- 1 Dueling Guide
- 1 Game mat
- 1 Rulebook