Pokemon EX Unseen Forces Booster Box

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Configuration:  36 packs per box. 9 cards per pack.

Booster Packs will contain 1 foil, 1 rare, 2 uncommon, and 5 common cards.

Between the known and the unknown, there are Unseen Forces! Lugia and Ho-oh are just the first of the mysterious Pokémon you'll discover in the next Pokémon TCG expansion, EX Unseen Forces. This is the largest and most exciting set in years, with over 140 cards and exciting new gameplay! Discover amazing new worlds and battles. Collect all the 'Unown' and uncover their ancient mysteries. Try to find the rare Pokémon ! Look for new Pokémon-ex, new Trainer cards, a holographic parallel set, a box topper in every booster display box, and much, much more! This set is a must-have for all Pokémon fans!