2009 USA National Teams (2008 Team) Baseball Box Set

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Configuration: 73 cards per set.

2665 numbered sets. ( 533 Cases made !)
This is the 2008 USA Team (the one in the summer was the 2007 team) and this is a different format.
Each set will have 7 autographed cards numbered to 175 or less, 3 of which will have cards hard signed (versus labels) and 6 gu jersey cards 2 of which will be patches, also numbered to 175 or less.
This item is not offered direct.

- Seven Autographs per box including three on-card autographs, on average!
- Six game-used jersey cards including two patches per box, on average!
- Look for autograph and jersey cards from the Chinese Taipei National Team!
- Starting Lineup Autograph cards with 9 on-card autographs on each card!
- All Autographs and Sign on card autographs are numbered in the set!
- Team Roster Autograph cards with 20+ autographs on each card!
- Look for The Letters, containing actual game-used jersey letters!