Pokemon Fossil Pre-Con Theme Deck Box

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Configuration:  8 decks per box. 60 cards per pack.

Two million years ago, the first known Pokémon walked the earth. Scientists thought many were extinct like the dinosaurs because only fossils had been found - until now.  A remote island has been discovered in the south seas, and island where the Pokémon fossils have come to life!

Inside you'll find two preconstructed decks made up of fantastic new Pokémon from the Fossil expansion and existing Base Set cards.  Shut down your opponents' offense with the "Lock Down" deck and attack at will!  The "Bodyguard" deck is bursting with tough Pokémon who can take any punishment that comes their way.  Dig in and you'll be amazed! Each deck introduces a unique strategy and contains 60 cards, 1 Pokémon coin, 10 damage counters, and an advanced rulebook.  Plus, there's a special holographic card in each deck!