Magic the Gathering Coldsnap Booster Box

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Configuration:  36 packs per box. 15 cards per pack.

At long last! Magic: The Gathering® Coldsnap expands upon the classic Ice Age block, while being a unique, stand alone set. Watch sales heat up as customers scramble to get their mitts on this cool treat.


1. Coldsnap brings nostalgia and is the long awaited third set of the Ice Age block. It incorporates key features from the Ice Age block including "snow lands", "pitch" cards & iconic characters from Magic's past.

2. Coldsnap features 155 black-bordered cards, available in standard and premium versions.

3. Experienced players will want to remain on the cutting edge by adding new cards to their collections.

4. Coldsnap will be Standard legal for sanctioned play, completing the Ice Age block.