2009/10 Upper Deck Champs Hockey Hobby Box

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Configuration:  20 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

Stretching the boundaries of hockey card products last year was Champ's Hockey, featuring dinosaurs, fossils, artifacts, bones, endangered species and more, all on cool-to-collect tobacco-style mini cards! Building on that success is 2009-10 Champ's, which has a terrific lineup of inserts including more amazing creatures, a museum collection and great mini autos!

- Wonders Of The World, Dinosaurs, Historical Figures & Much, Much More!
- "Museum Pieces" Offer A True Slice Of History!
*From Bones & Teeth To Artifacts & Fossils, This Is A Trip Through Time!
- Find Get 2 Mini Cards In Every Pack!
- Get 4 Autographs Or Memorabilia Hits Per Box!
*Collect 1-2 Mini Signatures In Every Box!
*Grab Great-Fitting Mini-Threads Cards, At Least 2 Per Box!
- Pull Mini Rookies, Averaging 1 In 4 Packs!
- Collect Green, Red, Yellow & Animal Icon Regular Card Parallels!
- Four Tiers Of Mini Rookies + 4 Tiers Of Regular Mini-Card Parallels

4 Signature or Jersey cards!
- 1-2 Mini Signatures
- At least 2 Mini Threads
5 Mini Rookie Cards!
10 Wonders of the World/Natural History/Historical Figures cards!
1 Red Back mini parallel card!
8 Regular-Sized Parallels!

1 "Museum Pieces" card!
2 Hall of Legends Sports Memorabilia cards!
1-2 mini rookie parallel cards!
4 Regular-Sized Animal Icon parallels!
7 (colored) mini parallel cards

Key Inserts:
Museum Pieces (projected):
Dinosaur Teeth, Golden Jurassic Amminites, Paradoxides Trilobite, Turtle Claw, Great White Shark Tooth, Giant Armadillo Claw, Woolly Mammoth Molar Tooth, Giant Capybara Molars, Aurochs Thoracic Vertibra, Wild Boar Fossil Teeth and more amazing "Museum Pieces"!

Mini Signatures:
Alexander Ovechkin, LeBron James, Jarome Iginla, Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, Dr. J, Bobby Orr, Steve Yzerman, John Tavares, Mr. Hockey, Carey Price, Martin Brodeur, Evander Kane & other stars!


Mini-Card Set:
Big Collectible Mini Card Hits
- Champ's Mini Signatures - inserted 1:15
- Champ's Mini Threads - inserted 1:9
- Champ's Mini Hall of Legends Sports Memorabilia - inserted 1:160
- Museum Pieces - Inserted 1:320

More Great Mini Card Offerings
- Regular Cards
- Rookie Cards - inserted 1:4
- Wonders of the World/Natural History/Historical Figures - 1:2
- Mini Cards, Red Back - inserted 1:20
- Mini Cards, Blue Back - inserted 1:80
- Mini Cards, Green Back - inserted 1:160
- Mini Cards, Parkhurst variation Back - inserted 1:320
- Mini Rookies, Red Back - inserted 1:240
- Mini Rookies, Blue Back - inserted 1:360
- Mini Rookies, Green Back - inserted 1:640
- Mini Rookies, Parkhurst Var. Back - inserted 1:1500

Regular-Sized Regular Cards & Parallels
- 100 Regular Cards
- Regular Cards, Green parallel - inserted 1:4
- Regular Cards, Red parallel - inserted 1:10
- Regular Cards, Yellow parallel - inserted 1:20
- Regular Cards, Yellow Animal Icon parallel - inserted 1:80

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