Marvel Iron Man 2 Movie Trading Cards Box (Upper Deck)

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Product Description

Configuration:  24 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.

The sequel to one of the hottest movies of 2008, Marvel Iron Man 2 Trading Cards will be an instant collectible for kids and adults alike! This trading card set will not only feature exclusive images and exciting details from Iron Man 2, but will also feature autograph cards from the stars. Also, look for cards containing embedded pieces of costumes and memorabilia straight from the movie!

With exclusive subsets highlighting Iron Man's armor, classic comic covers and other behind the scenes footage, Iron Man 2 Trading Cards will capture the excitement and hype prior to the launch of the movie which premiers May 7, 2010.

Iron Man 2 trading cards will have a mix of THREE HITS PER BOX, and those hits will come from the following:
- Autographs
- Sketch cards
- Memorabilia/Costume cards

Key Selling Points
- 75 card base set
- Randomly inserted autograph cards with the stars of the movie.
- Hobby Exclusive: Embedded movie-used costumes and other memorabilia cards.
- Exclusive subsets
    *Foil and embossed Armor and technology cards
    *Classic Iron Man comic covers
    *Die-cut actors gallery
- Randomly inserted sketch cards of various characters in the Iron Man mythos, as created by some of the most popular comic artists and creators in the industry.