2010 Ringside Boxing Round One TKO Version Box

Product Info
Product Description

Configuration:  10 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.

Round One Product Info

Ringside Boxing-Round One is the first exclusive boxing product in more than a decade.  It will be "The Greatest" of all time.

There will be two different configurations of Ringside Boxing-Round One:  KO and TKO.

KO Version
Each box of the KO Version contains two hard-signed autograph cards and one authentic fight-worn memorabilia card or 1/1 insert.

Each KO Version box also contains 12 Ringside Boxing - Round One base cards and 3 Mecca Turkey Red inserts. The KO Version will be the only version where collectors can find parallels of the base cards (gold and onyx) and the parallels of the Mecca Turkey Red inserts (gold and onyx). In addition, each box of the KO Version will contain one limited edition base card.

Only 2,500 numbered KO Version boxes will be produced. They will be packaged in 10-box cases.

TKO Version
The TKO Version is packaged in 10 box cases with 10 packs per box.  Each pack contains four cards.

The odds of pulling inserts in a box of the TKO Version are:
- Hard-Signed Autographs: one in two boxes on average.
- Authentic Fight-Worn Memorabilia: one in two boxes on average.
- Mecca Turkey Red Inserts: 1-2 in each box on average.
- Limited Edition Base Card: 1 in two boxes on average.

Round One Base Cards
There will be two parallel versions of each Ringside Boxing Round One base card.
- Base Card
- In My Corner - Base Card Subset
- Tale of Tape - Base Card Subset
- Victorious - Base Card Subset
- Weigh In - Base Card Subset

Hard Signed Autographs
There will be silver and gold versions of all the hard-signed Ringside Boxing - Round One autograph cards.

Fight-Worn Memorabilia
Fight-Worn Memorabilia Inserts Include: Single Memorabilia, Double Memorabilia, Decades, Triple Memorabilia,  Quad Memorabilia, For Your Country, In My Corner, Hometown Hero, King Size Memorabilia, AutoThreads.

There will be both a silver and gold 1/1 version of many of the Fight-Worn Memorabilia Inserts.  Look for legendary Cut Signatures, Ringside Seat Authentic Fight tickets and 1/1 Ringside Logo Cards.
Ringside Turkey Red Inserts
There will be two parallel versions of each card Turkey Red Insert.