Yugioh The Shining Darkness Booster Pack


Product Description

Configuration:   9 cards per pack.

The Shining Darkness provides Duelists with an opportunity to get Secret Rares with more frequency.
This set includes 8 Secret Rare cards just like previous sets, but we've increased the chances to get a highly sought-after Secret Rare by over 30%.

Blackwings get their biggest boost yet with this set, which includes 9 new Blackwing-themed cards.
Blackwings have a huge fan base, including top-finishing tournament players and fans of the TV show, too, giving them huge across-the-board appeal.
And every one of those players will want to get their hands on the new Blackwing cards in this set.

Also included is the new "Infernity" Deck theme, a powerful new strategy from the TV series. Early previews of Infernity cards have led many players already pegging Infernity as "the next big thing."