Harry Potter Heroes and Villains Trading Cards Box (Artbox)

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Configuration:  24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

All NEW set of Harry Potter Trading Cards from Artbox Entertainment presents the most magical line up of Heroes and Villains from all 6 movies!

Look for new card materials, and autograph cards signed by TOBY JONES (DOBBY) randomly inserted in packs.

Like previous Harry Potter sets from Artbox Entertainment, this card set has plenty of special cards that are sure to be cherished by Hogwarts Students and Muggles alike!

Costume Cards include: (and more)
- Cedric Diggory 1st Task Robe from HP4
- Hermoine's Sweater from HP5
- Tom Riddle from HP6
- Narcissa Malfoy from HP6
- Fred Weasley from HP2

Prop Cards include: (and more)
- Hagrid's Wine Bottle from HP6 - look for variants!!
- Picture from Weasley Home from HP6 - look for variants!!
- Ministry Munchies Coffee Cups from HP5 - look for variants!!
- Defense Against the Dark Arts 2nd Year Essential Knowledge Test from HP2 - look for variants!!

Case Incentives:
- 2 case: Hermione's Red Plaid Skirt
- 5 case: Harry and Ginny Double
- 10 case: Lucius Malfoy Deatheater Mask and Costume Double
- 25 case: Chicken Foot Goblet Stand