Yugioh Machine Re-Volt Structure Deck

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Configuration:  40 cards per deck.

When an ancient power arises, the machine revolt begins. This 40 card Deck is packed with Machines including Yugi's famous "Gadget Monsters". With 12 brand new cards, Machine Re-VOLT is destined to change the way the game is played and be another hit Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Structure Deck.

Key Selling Points:

* 12 ALL-NEW cards not available anywhere else!
* Collect the famous "Gadgets" used by Yugi to defeat the Pharaoh.
* Includes tips for customizing the Deck further to suit individual players' tastes.
* A fast fun way for new players looking to try out new Deck concepts.

Each deck contains:

* 39 Common cards (39:1)
* 1 Ultra Rare card (1:1)
* Rule Booklet, Dueling Guide and Game Mat
* Includes Dueling Guide with tips on how to improve your Structure Deck