2010 Topps Five Star Football Hobby 3 Box Case

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Configuration: 3 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 5 cards per pack.

Each Five Star embossed collectible tin contains 1 box nestled within a velvet tray with 4 On-Card Autographed and 1 Jumbo Relic cards:
1 Autographed Rookie card, 1 On-Card Autographed Rookie Patch card, 1 On-Card Autographed Veteran/Legend Patch card, 1 On-card Autographed Relic Book or On-Card Dual Autograph card, 1 Jumbo Jersey Relic or Jumbo Patch card.

Three (3) embossed tins wrapped with a protective sleeve per case

Topps Five Star Football is Destined to be the 2010 Product of the Year among Avid Football Card Collectors!
Four Premium On-Card Autograph Cards Plus 1 Jumbo Jersey or Patch Card Highlight Each and Every Beautifully Encased Pack.

- Every Pack Features An Identical On-Card Autograph And Relic 5-Card Insertion Rate:
    *1 Autographed Rookie Numbered to 150 or Less
    *1 Autographed Rookie Patch Numbered to 100 or Less
    *1 Autographed Veteran/Legend or Autographed Patch Numbered to 60 or Less
    *1 Autographed Relic Book or Dual Autograph Numbered to 40 or Less
    *1 Jumbo Jersey Relic or Patch Numbered to 50 or Less
- Superior Checklist Includes the Most Preeminent NFL Rookie, Veteran and Legendary Players
- Every Card is Numbered to 150 or Less
- Every Card Features 154 Pt. Card Stock with Magnificently Enhanced Printing Attributes
- Easy Manageable 3-Count Case
- Hobby Exclusive!

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