2012 Famous Fabrics Ink - 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Box

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Configuration: 1 pack per box. 6 cards per pack.

One of the most famous addresses in the world is the theme behind this Famous Fabrics Ink product. The cachet of the White House is one of a kind and fits perfectly with Famous Fabrics one of one cut signatures.
Presidential cuts of presidents who made 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW their home include such iconic names as; John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams all the way to the incumbent Barack Obama.

The production of this product is extremely limited.

Each Presidential Cut Signature is a unique card with a unique presidential image. There will be no more than 3 unique cards of any president.

Each box of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW will contain 6 cards:
Two Cut Signature cards - There is one Presidential Cut Signature* in each box. Many of the cut cards are dual Cut Signatures including; Presidential Couples, Running Mates, Presidential Opponents and Forever Linked.

Four Limited Edition Base Cards - Each box contains four limited base cards from three different base card sets; Presidents, Presidential Couples and Presidential Pets. Each base card is serially numbered to 10.

Only 240 boxes of this product will be produced. Each box will contain six different cards. Two Cut Signatures cards and four limited Base cards.

One of the two Cut Signature cards will be a Presidential Cut, either a single cut or a double cut.

The checklist for the Presidential Cuts is nothing short of spectacular. Cuts of Kennedy, Lincoln, Jefferson, Jackson, Grant and Taylor to name a few.

There will also be a large number of dual autographs featuring Presidents from four subsets; Running Mates, Presidential Couples, Presidential Opponents and Forever Linked.

From the Running Mates subset you can find William Taft/James Sherman, Herbert Hoover/Charles Curtis, William McKinley/Garret Hobart, Ulysses S. Grant/Henry Wilson, Grover Cleveland/Adlai Stevenson to name a few.

From the Presidential Couples you can find Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, William and Helen Taft, Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, John and Jacqueline Kennedy and Rutherford and Lucy Hayes to name a few.

The Presidential Opponents subset will feature John Kennedy/Richard Nixon, Harry Truman/Thomas Dewey, Ronald Reagan/Walter Mondale, William McKinley/William Jennings Bryan to name a few.

Perhaps the most collectable of the dual cut subsets will be Forever Linked. The dual cuts in this subset include Jimmy Carter/Anwar Sadat, John Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan/John Hinkley, Richard Nixon/Carl Bernstein, Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky and many more.

Remember, there is also a second 1/1 Cut Signature card in each box. The second Cut Signature comes from the following subsets; Cabinet Members, Vice-Presidents, White House Kids, First Lady, White House Visitor and Camelot.

Dolley Madison from the First Lady subset

John Forsyth from the Cabinet Members subset

John Garner from the Vice Presidents subset

There are three Base Card sets, each card is serially numbered to ten.

This 42-card Base Card set features every President that called the White House home. Each card is serially numbered out of ten.

Presidential Couples
This 44-card Base Card set features every First Couple that lived in the White House. Each card is serially numbered out of ten.

Presidential Pets
This 10-card Base Card set features Presidential pets that roamed the lawns of the White House. Each card is serially numbered out of ten.

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