2012 Historic Autographs Champions New York Baseball Box

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Configuration:   1 pack per box. 1 card per pack.

- Look for the top 20 players from 10 of the best teams ever to suit up for the City of New York.
- Each championship team set is registered on the PSA/DNA Set Registry so teams can be collected and cataloged individually
- All cards are numbered to 25 or less each two having at least (2) complete sets available.
- There are no 1-of-1 cards so all players will be found multiple times within the specific series, for example there are (30) Mickey Mantle cards (15 in each of the 1951 & 1961 New York Champions)
- All cards will be authenticated, numerically graded and encapsulated by PSA/DNA surrounded by a unique Historic Autographs artwork design!
- There are only numbered 250 cases

Commonly referred to as the Capital of Baseball, New York City has seen its fair share of World Series Champions. Four different teams from the Big Apple have raised championship banners and Historic Autographs has included all four in this monumental offering.
Just in time for the start of the 2012 baseball season, Historic Autographs will release our first Championship Series. The Championship Series will contains (10) different New York-based teams that won the World Series. Each team will include the top (13) top position players (using At Bats), the top (6) pitchers (using Innings Pitched) and the manager at the end of the season. Included will be:
- 1932 New York Yankees (Key players include Ruth, Gehrig & Lazzeri)
- 1937 New York Giants (Key players include Ott, Hubbell & Terry)
- 1951 New York Yankees (Key players include DiMaggio, Mantle & Stengel)
- 1954 New York Giants (Key players include Mays, Durocher & Hank Thompson)
- 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers (Key players include Campanella, Robinson & Hodges)
- 1961 New York Yankees (Key players include Mantle, Maris & Howard)
- 1969 New York Mets (Key players include Hodges, Agee & Seaver)
- 1978 New York Yankees (Key players include Munson, Jackson & Hunter)
- 1986 New York Mets (Key players include Carter, Gooden & Dykstra)
- 1996 New York Yankees (Key players include Jeter, Rivera & Torre)

All of the teams will include twenty different players and will have its own individual PSA Set Registry. All cards with be encapsulated and authenticated by PSA/DNA and will be numerically graded. The PSA/DNA Set Registry will light up with this unique offering (and it is FREE to register your sets).

This extremely limited product is available in 10-box cases to stores and distributors. Each 10-box case will include cards from at least 8 different teams (so each case will have a wide variety of teams and players). With names such as Ruth, Gehrig, Lazzeri, Pennock, Ott, DiMaggio, Mantle, Maris, Campanella, Hodges and Jackie Robinson, there is fantastic value for the collector but Historic Autographs has gone the extra mile and made sure to include some very tough role players for most teams. Players of note include Hank Thompson, Karl Spooner, Don Hoak, Frank Kellert, Jimmy Ripple, Eddie "Doc" Farrell and Johnny Allen - with these signatures usually fetching $150-$350 each.

This fantastic release incorporates both Championship teams and tons of Hall of Fame signatures. Essentially, there are 10 subsets in this edition, each having its own PSA/DNA Set Registry for those who are fans of only one of these great teams, which should help both in-store sales and aftermarket resale. The Champions Edition has an incredible ratio of high-end Hall of Famers including (30) Mickey Mantle - which equals (1) Mantle autograph per (83) boxes. The second best ratio EVER ISSUED in a vintage autograph product (the best was Historic Autographs Decades edition).

Historic Autographs has chosen five different images of New York City as the holders for these cards with each team displaying the same city view for uniformity. The box design will use the same image (the same image that is found on the 1932 Yankees - see the Ruth card below - a cityscape of NYC during the 1930s). As you can see from the Ruth grade (a PSA 9), Historic Autographs has tried to find the highest grade example for all players. Our goal at Historic Autographs is to produce an affordable cut signature product that is enjoyable to the consumer as much as it is profitable to the distributors.  HA will stay dedicated to making our cut signature/index card products loaded with Hall of Famers but also affordable at every level from the distributor to the customer.

Historic Autographs strides to make the best product possible with every release and to solidify The Champions as a top rated product, Historic Autographs will include bonus US President cards in each subset. The featured Presidents will include only those Presidents that were in the Oval Office on the day the selected team won their title. For example, the 1961 New York Champions will also have a John F. Kennedy autograph to chase (although not included as a card in the PSA/DNA Set Registry). Other Presidents will include Hoover, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, Reagan and Clinton.  

As always, there will be Loyalty Rewards cards in each box of the 2012 Historic Autographs The Champions - NY Edition. As our Loyalty program evolves, more items will be (and have been) added to our website. There will also be a complete checklist in every box.

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