2003/04 Topps Finest Basketball Hobby Box

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Configuration:  3 mini-boxes per box.  6 packs per mini-box. 5 cards per pack. (18 total packs per box)

- NEW! Press Plates & Autographed Rookie Press Plates!


Base Cards Featuring Rookie Autographs and Veteran Relics!
BASE CARDS - 162 Subjects!
VETERANS - 100 fine-tuned players.
VETERAN RELICS - 20 court masters take the lead with pieces of their game-worn jerseys. Sequentially numbered* to 999.
ROOKIES - These whiz kids have worked their way up in their first remarkable season.

ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS - 25 phenomenal new pros make a mark in the NBA with signed cards. Final chance to get a Rookie Card of this year's rookie class! Sequentially numbered* to 999.

NEW! PRESS PLATES - A one of a kind insert! Randomly inserted these are the actual printing plates used to make Topps cards. 4 plates per player!
ROOKIE & VETERANS - Rookies and Veterans! It's the printing plates used to create cards from Topps!

ROOKIE AUTOGRAPHS - The one-of-a-kind press plates from above are set apart even more with autographs. Rookie Autographs appear on these printing plates used to create their rookie cards.

PARALLEL CARDS - All Parallel cards include Autographed and Relic cards from the base set.
FINEST REFRACTORS - All 160 superior scorers from the base set show up on Refractor technology with 40 additional rookie and veteran base cards now receiving Relics. Sequentially numbered* to 250.

GOLD REFRACTORS - The 160 standouts from the base set, including Relic and Autographed subjects, take another look at the hoop on Gold Refractor technology. Sequentially numbered* to 25.

DIE-CUT GOLD X-FRACTORS - Quite a treasure! 160 players dig deep to appear on X-Fractor technology and are die-cut. Numbered ONE of ONE.