Pro-Mold Ball Cube III Baseball Holder w/UV 25y+ PCBSQUAREIIIUV


Product Description

Configuration:  1 individually wrapped baseball holder.

This product provides UV protection for 25 years plus. 

This is mainstream collector's choice for storage of Major League Baseballs. This ball cube features a built in stand to keep the baseball straight with the autograph aligned in front and centered.  It has two equal u-shaped plastic pieces that slide together to form a precision fit. It's the perfect baseball display case for all your autographed baseballs. This baseball holder is made of a high grade Acrylic with a special ultra violet ray protective additive that blocks UV light rays out limiting discoloration of a baseball after a many years of exposure to light, and the fading of a signature.

Frequently Asked Questions about this product
1. How do you know which of Pro-Mold's baseball cubes are UV protected and which ones are not? Both products look identical.

Answer: The UV protected baseball cube has "UV" stamped on the bottom of it.

2. What kind of raw material is this holder made out of?

Answer: This holder is made out of acrylic.

3. Why should I store all my baseballs in the Pro-Mold Ball Cube instead of another brand?

Answer: The Pro-Mold Ball Cube is made in the USA with high quality raw materials from leading American polymer (plastic) manufactures including Dow Chemical and BASF. Many of the imported baseball cubes are made from a low grade material using a lot of regrind which give their parts a blue tint and less optical clarity.

Note: Be aware of Cheap Imitations. Make sure there is a UV Certification Report on any of the UV Baseball Holders you buy to be sure that it is in fact UV Protectant!  Our holder is stamped "UV" on the bottom to designate "UV Protection".