Falling Skies: Season One 2012 Premium Pack Trading Cards Pack

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Configuration:   7 cards per pack.

FALLING SKIES: SEASON ONE TRADING CARDS will be a limited edition of 175 premium-pack boxes, with an average of one complete master set of pack-inserted cards, including autographs, in every box.  Also, there are a total of 16 different autograph cards, so one of the 15 packs in each box will likely contain 2 autographs.

This premiere edition series will feature the first 10 episodes of the highly rated TNT original series Falling Skies. Each pack of the Falling Skies trading cards will include 1 autograph card and 2 relic cards.

- 1 Autograph Card and 2 Relic Cards per Premium Pack


Checklist includes:

Autograph Cards - (1 autograph card per Premium Pack)
The list of signers includes the entire starring cast, including Noah Wyle (Tom Mason), Moon Bloodgood (Anne Glass), Will Patton (Captain Weaver), Drew Roy (Hal Mason), Connor Jessup (Ben Mason), Maxim Knight (Matt Mason), Peter Shinkoda (Dai), Sarah Carter (Maggie), Colin Cunningham (John Pope), Mpho Koaho (Anthony), Bruce Gray (Uncle Scott), Seychelle Gabriel (Lourdes), Daniyah Ysrayl (Rick) and more!

Relic Cards - (2 cards per Premium Pack)
With materials worn by Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Drew Roy, Connor Jessup, Seychelle Gabriel, Sarah Carter and Colin Cunningham and more!
All Relic cards will be sequentially numbered!

30 Episode Cards, with 3 cards per episode
(3 cards per Premium Pack)

9 "2nd Mass" Cards, featuring the top characters from Falling Skies!
(1 card per Premium Pack)

Box Topper:
Noah Wyle (Tom Mason)/Moon Bloodgood (Anne Glass) Dual Relic Card

2-Box Incentive:
Connor Jessup (Ben Mason) Autograph/Relic Card

4-Box Incentive:
Moon Bloodgood (Anne Glass) Autograph/Relic Card

8-Case Incentive:
Falling Skies: Season One Archive Box, including a complete master set of all pack-inserted cards and incentive cards.