2012 Topps WWE Heritage Wrestling Hobby 8 Box Case

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Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 9 cards per pack.

WWE Heritage marks the return of the largest Topps WWE card franchise!

- The greatest WWE legends, past and future
- Original 1985 card design from the 1st ever WWE card set
- Vintage matte cardboard stock for authentic look and feel
- 2 Hits Per Box
- Black Parallel (1:24)

Each pack contains
- Seven (7) WWE Heritage Base Cards
- One (1) Ringside Action (Legend Signature Moves)
- one (1) Insert Card (of either Andre The Giant Tribute
- The Legends Speak, Historic Tag Teams
- Family History, Stickers or Allen & Ginter Legends)

Extensive 273-Card Set Celebrates WWE History
- Classic 1985 design on matte cardboard stock
- 110 base character cards feature Superstars, Divas, and Legends throughout WWE, WCW, and ECW
- 55 Ringside Action cards feature the best Signature and Finishing Moves
- 60 additional cards showcase all the original 1985 inserts and more!
    *(20) The Legend Speaks - memorable catch phrases
    *(10) Fabled Tag Teams - the most storied and revered tag teams
    *(10) Family History - family legacies linking 10 Legends and today's Superstars
    *(10) Jerry Lawler Portraits - reproductions of original Sketch Cards included in the set
    *(10) Andre the Giant Tribute - amazing moments throughout Andre's career
- 30 Allen & Ginter miniature cards replicate the original A&G size and designs
- 18 Kiss-cut Stickers with two different 9-card puzzle backs

Fan Excitement
- Andre the Giant Tribute
- Allen & Ginter
- Stickers

Collector Value
- Autographs
- Jerry "the King" Lawler Sketch Cards
- Shirt & Mat Relics

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