2012 Upper Deck All Time Greats Sports Edition Hobby 3 Box Case

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Configuration:  3 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 4 cards per pack.

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All content listed is an average based on the entire production run)
- Limited production run featuring the greatest checklist of athletes ever assembled with ONLY twenty high value sports greats!
- Every tin will contain three (3) base cards + one (1) autograph card!
    *Twenty player checklist ensures the most premium value
    *Look for rare multi-signed cards featuring incredible pairings like Tiger Woods and Ben Hogan (cut sig), Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, and many more!
- All autographs are hard signed!
- Look for autographed Lettermen cards encased in PETG!
- Athletes of the Century Booklet cards featuring an autograph and manufactured patch of top athletes like:
    *Tiger Woods
    *Michael Jordan
    *Mike Tyson
    *Kelly Slater
    *Hulk Hogan
- Look for Personal Touch Signatures featuring inscriptions of athletes' favorite food, movie, recording artist and hero!
- Collect All-Time Forces Hologram Signature Cards!

Autographed Cards: 
- Regular Cards Auto Parallel (# to 1)
- All Time Greats Signatures (#'d between 3-45)
- All Time Greats Signatures Parallel 1 (#'d between 2-25)
- All Time Greats Signatures Parallel 2 (#'d to 1)
- Personal Touch Signatures (#'d between 1-20)
- Lettermen Signatures (#'d between 7-140)
- Athletes of the Century (#'d between 5-35)
- All-Time Forces Signatures (#'d between 1-35)
- All-Time Forces Dual Signatures (#'d between 1-25)
- Shining Moments Signatures (#'d between 2-30)
- Shining Moments Signatures Parallel (#'d to 1)
- Legacy Autographs (#'d between 1-4)

Insert Cards:
- Regular Cards Copper Parallel (# to 65)
- Regular Cards Silver Parallel (# to 35)
- Regular Cards Blue Parallel (# to 10)

Base Set:
- Regular Cards - 100 cards (# to 99)