Topps Garbage Pail Kids Chrome Series 1 - 12 Box Case

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Configuration:  12 boxes per case. 24 packs per box.  4 cards per pack.

Introducing the next hot GPK platform... Chrome!

In 2013, Garbage Pail Kids will combine Chrome Technology with a reprint of the entire 1985 GPK Original Series 1; the brand's first product release.

Garbage Pail Kids
- A uniquely hilarious group of kids who are as endearing as they are gross. With original hand-painted art, an endless universe of new characters, and a heavy dose of wit, Garbage Pail Kids have been delivering laughs since 1985!
- Kids love the fascinating gross-out humor that's unlike anything else they've seen.
- Adults love the nostalgia of an icon from their youth, and keep coming back for more of the layered humor that ranges from puns to visual gags to parodies.


GPK Chrome Original Series 1 Release
- 151 Chrome Cards to Collect !
- (82) Original Series 1 Characters - 41 A & B names
- (28) Lost GPK - 14 A&B names
- (41) Chrome Concept Sketch's by original artist, John Pound

Variety of Refractors Provide Chase for Collectors
- Standard Refractor (1:3)
- Prism Refractor (1 of 199)
- SuperFractor (1 of 1)
- Gold Refractor (50 per subject) - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE

Exciting New Hits Add Value
- Artist Autographs
- Redemption Cards
- Printing Plates

Never before seen bonus content and refractors will attract Current Collectors and intrigue Lapsed Fans
Lost GPK: Featuring 14 unpublished characters from the Originals Series 1 design
Concept Sketches: 41 pencil art drawings by the legendary Original Series 1 Artist, John Pound
Refractors: All new to GPK, multiple refractor levels including Prism and Ultra Rare Superfractor

New and compelling hits create excitement and provide added value for collectors
Printing Plates: Rare printing plates including Original Series 1 (OS1), Lost GPK, & Pencil Art
Artist Autographs: For the first time in GPK history, autographs by the Original Series 1 artist, John Pound!
Redemption Cards: Randomly inserted redemption cards that fans can redeem for rare and valuable prizes, such as 1985 Original Series 1 Uncut Sheets

Hit Rates (Single Packs)
Insert - Hit Rate
Redemption Cards - 50 total
Printing Plates - 824 total
Artist Autos - 1,100 total

Chrome Concept Sketches 1:6

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