2014 Wax Eye Stupid Heroes Series 1 - 8 Box Case

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Configuration:  8 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

Stupid Heroes Trading Cards has found the perfect home in Wax Eye, whose tagline is "Stuff That'll Make Your Eyes Melt." The company opened its door in January 2011. Wax Eye's mission is to bring back the fun of childhood by making pop-obsessed products that kids will be nostalgic about in the not-so-distant future. Lead by, Joe Simko, this company is reaching for the edge of untamed ideas, and is dedicated to building a place for consumers to find fun, demented off-beat inventions that spotlight art as the primary focus.

110-title base set (55 designs with A/B variants)
- Written/painted by Garbage Pail Kids & Wacky Packages artists:
    - Neil Camera
    - Brent Engstrom
    - Joe Simko
    - Jeff Zapata
Chase ITEMS: 1 per 8 displays
- Transparent, painted X-RAY VISION Sketch Cards
- One-of-a-kind, hand-drawn Sketch Cards