Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes (Cult Stuff) 12 Box Case

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Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. (Randomly pack  A, B or C)

This much anticipated follow up to the sold out Adventures of Sherlock Holmes set released in 2013. It continues where the last set left off with the next twelve short stories in the Conan Doyle canon and a new selection of fantastic victorian inserts and sketch cards. This product is once again very limited with less than 120 cases available worldwide.

For this release will continue the successful premium pack format with a few tweaks that we  think this will help both dealers and distributors sell the product in a higher volume. Each pack will still be labeled A, B or C and collecting one of each will mean customers and collectors complete the basic cards while all chase and premium inserts remain random. We are however increasing the number of chase cards per pack and following on from feedback we have increased the sketch insert ratio to 50%. This means you are guaranteed at least 6 sketches per case with an additional 6+ inserts as well.


- Sketch Cards
    - As mentioned we have increased the number of sketch cards in a case to a minimum of six or seven per case, and the art is of a very high standard.
- Artifacts
    - We are increasing the number and quality of artifacts to be found in the Memoirs set. We have more first edition cuts from all twelve stories in the set including fold out images but this time the cards will be numbered and will contain a reference to the story they are from, making them much more collectable. Rather than wanting an example of the text cards collectors will easily be able to see which stories the text comes from and try to collect one from each of the twelve.

We are also including some very rare and interesting items in this product including:
- TWO 1840 Penny Black stamps, these are the world's first adhesive postage stamps and are very collectable.
- FOUR very rare Penny Red stamps, these were issued from 1841 when the blacks were phased out. What sets these four apart from the more common versions is the lack of perforation. Perforation was introduced on the 24th of Feb 1854 and previous to this all stamps had to be hand cut from the larger sheets. The four Penny Reds like the blacks before them are all hand cut.
- The Penny reds and blacks will be on unique hand made cards and will be easy to differentiate from other inserts.
- Also included are a number of perforated stamps (Penny reds and others) along with coins and other ephemera.

- A very limited number of cut signatures will be going into this set, autographs are not the main focus for this set and these autographs will be in addition to other inserts. A full checklist will be available on release, but you will find Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke among the handful of cut signatures. You will also find a small number of redemption cards for a limited edition Sherlock Holmes poster. This posted will be available on it's own but some customers will find a free one in packs. The posted is limited to 500 in total and about 60-100 redemptions are in the set. We have two 9 card chase sets, and a parallel set meaning collectors will have a lot to chase.

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