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Blowout's Most Wanted: We're paying for hobby's elite gems

Is there some collecting gem you've always wanted but just can't find?

Blowout Cards is here to help change that with Blowout's Most Wanted, an occasional buying post where we'll help find the pieces that collectors (and investors) can't -- all via posts with buying prices for items we want to bring to today's always-changing and always-surprising market.

Wax boxes, cases, singles and other items are are all among the most-wanted pieces that we get requests for. We'll spotlight them here from time to time.

This first one? We're in need of at least one 2009 Bowman Draft hobby case. It's the home of Mike Trout's first Chrome autograph, a card that's in high demand in any of its versions -- and a card that has made these cases tough to find unopened.

Sometimes the recent rarities that might not seem that tough to find really are, but we're on a mission to find the most-wanted out there and have them in stock for collectors.

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