First Buzz: 2018 Topps The Walking Dead Season 8 cards


What: 2018 Topps The Walking Dead Season 8 trading cards
Arrives: July 11
Box basics: Two hits (at least one autograph) per 24-pack box (eight boxes per case)
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What's buzz-worthy: Topps' newest release for The Walking Dead picks up with the eighth season of the long-running hit show arriving on cardboard.

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The Basics:
 The base set here will consist of 100 cards recapping Season 8 all in one set and each card will have six parallels -- Rust (one per pack), Mud (/50), Mold (/25), Sepia (/10), Black & White (/5)and 1/1 Blood. ... There will be four types of inserts this time around -- Walkers, Rivalries, Characters and Many Sides of War. ... Autographs will have six parallels with Rust (/99), Mud (/50), Mold (/25), Sepia (/10) and 1/1 Blood as well as printing plates. There will be dual- and triple-auto cards that will have a Black & White (/5) and Blood 1/1 parallels. ... The Relics will use costumes from the show with the same parallels as the autos along with Black & White (/5) versions as well as auto Relics limited to 10 with Black & White and Blood parallels. There also will be dual Relics will be limited to 15 with a 1/1 Blood and dual-auto Relics. ... Sketch cards will be included as well, while there will be Faction Patch commemorative relics with the same parallels as well as autographed versions.

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