First Buzz: Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 2 trading cards

Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 2 trading cards
Arrives: January 2019
Box basics: One autograph and one sketch card per 24-pack box (12 boxes per case)
Pre-order: Click here (available soon)

What's buzz-worthy: There aren't a lot of details yet, but the follow-up to the scorching cardboard arrival of Rick and Morty arrives early next year with even more from this eccentric cult classic.

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The Basics: There will be a 45-card set chronicling Season 2 of the series with autographs, sketch cards and a binder all in play here beyond the basics. There will be six insert sets to chase in this one -- details still TBD -- and we'll add all of that here when it becomes available.

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