Get the lowdown on Fantasy Flush 2018 as kickoffs near

Buy an item, get a player. If that player has a big day? Well, you just might, too.

That's the simple concept behind Blowout's Fantasy Flush 2018, a promotion that gives you extra reasons to check out the big game each week with performance goals that can equal gift cards for you every week of the new season.

A new week is already filling ... keep reading for the details on how this works.

More than 700 different items for sale on the site are eligible for a spot in Fantasy Flush with each of them netting a player to watch for that week's action. If you buy five items, you get five players. If you buy 10 items, you get 10 players -- and so on.

If your player leads the league in passing yards (QB), receiving yards (WR/TE) or rushing yards (RB) in that week, you get a $100 Blowout gift card. Atop that, there's a bonus jackpot that grows weekly based on the overall number of purchases. That grows until a player does something so strong it claims the prize. The plateaus? Well, if a QB passes for 520 yards, an RB runs for 225 yards or a WR/TE catches 300 yards, then it flushes everything out to the person who has that player. (Right now, it stands at $14,771.43 for Week 10.)

Have other questions about it all works as a fun extra for Blowout buyers? Click here for the full details and to get into the game.

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