Pokemon Pokemon-e 1st Edition Starter Deck (Japanese)

Configuration: 30 cards per deck.

Available exclusively in Japan, this vintage Pokemon box is very rare.

The Pokemon-e Starter Deck (Japanese: スターターパック Starter Pack) is a Japanese-exclusive introductory Half Deck Starter Deck released for the Pokemon Trading Card Game alongside the Base Expansion Pack.

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The Pokemon-e Starter Deck contains 30 cards, 12 of which are random. This is atypical of Full Decks and Half Decks, which contain a fixed selection of cards. The Half Deck includes 9 cards from a set of 29 that can only be found in the Starter Deck, 8 cards sourced from the first 32 cards found in Base Expansion Pack, and 13 Energy cards. All of the Pokemon exclusive to the Half Deck feature the evolutionary families of the Generation I and II starter Pokemon, and only one complete family is included in any one Half Deck. The five Trainer cards are always the same, as are 12 of the Basic Energy cards, with the thirteenth determined by the type of the evolutionary family included.

All Pokemon and Trainer cards feature the Base Expansion Pack expansion symbol, but only those that can be found in the main expansion have a Rarity symbol.

The Starter Deck also comes with a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, and a custom coin

Additional Info

Additional Info

Release DateOct 25, 2016
Product Year2016
Box StyleNo
Game Box StyleJapanese



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