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Topps Star Wars Chrome Perspectives Box

Configuration: 24 packs per box. 6 cards per pack.

- 2 Hits Per Box!

Star Wars Chrome: Perspectives explores the viewpoints of the Rebel Alliance and the Empire as they battle one another for control of the Galaxy

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Star Wars Chrome: Perspectives details (150 total cards)
- (100) Base Cards profiling characters from the Rebel Alliance and the Empire
- 50 Rebel Alliance and 50 Empire cards
- (10) Rebel Wanted Posters Insert
- (10) Empire Priority Targets Insert
- (10) Rebel Training Cards Insert
- (10) Rebel Alliance Propaganda Insert
- (10) Empire Propaganda Insert

5 levels of chase add depth to the base set
- Standard Refractor (1per pack)
- Prism Refractor (numbered to 199)
- X-Fractor (numbered to 99)
- Gold Refractor (numbered to 50)
- Superfractor (numbered to 1)

Chrome hits add value for collectors
- Chrome Helmet Medallions (1 per box!)
- Silver and Gold
- Chrome Sketch Cards
- Chrome On-Card Autographs
- Gold Refractor and Superfractor Parallels
- Printing Plates
- Autographed Printing Plates

Base cards show the perspectives of two opposing sides in an epic battle for the galaxy
- Rebel Alliance Base Cards: Cards profiling Star Wars characters from the perspective of the Rebellion
- Empire Base Cards: Cards profiling Star Wars Characters from the perspective of the Empire

Insert cards explore the key characters and strategies in the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire
- Rebel Wanted Posters (1:2): Top 10 most wanted Rebel scum sought after by the Empire
- Empire Priority Targets (1:4): Top ranking individuals of the Empire targeted by the Rebel Alliance

Insert cards explore the key characters and strategies in the conflict between the Rebels and the Empire
- Rebel Training Cards (1:8): Cards preparing recruits for guerilla warfare against the Empire
- Rebel Propaganda (1:12): Cards soliciting support for the Rebel Alliance's cause
- Empire Propaganda (1:24): Cards illustrating the strength and overwhelming power of the Empire

New Chrome Sketch Cards and Helmet Medallions add value for Star Wars collectors
- Chrome Sketch Cards: Sketch cards by Topps artists trapped within a Chrome border
- Chrome Helmet Medallions: Cards featuring metal helmets worn by the Rebel Alliance and the Empire

New parallels increase rarity and chase of autographs
- Chrome On-Card Autographs: On-card autographs from Star Wars saga actors
- Refractor Autograph Parallels: Gold Refractor and Superfractor on-card autographs

Printing plates offer a unique piece of the manufacturing process to collectors
- Printing Plates: Printing Plates used in the production of Star Wars
- Chrome: Perspectives Autographed Printing Plates: Autographed plates from the production of the autograph cards

Additional Info

Additional Info

Release DateMay 14, 2014
Product Year2015
Box StyleHobby
Non Sports Category TV & Movie
InterestStar Wars
Game Box StyleNo



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